Aliya Bukhari

Aliya is a Coordinator and BME Engagement Consultant at Voice of BME Trafford with vast experience and qualifications in project and event management. Holding a Master’s in Business Administration and a Post Grad. Cert. in Psychological Therapies from the University of Manchester, she specialises in the delivery of bespoke workshops on various topics to improve health & wellbeing including mental health in BME communities. Her journey with Voice of BME has been very rewarding and provided her with opportunities to understand and engage with the community yet also to manage many successful projects commissioned by the Public Health and Clinical Commissioning Group Trafford. One of the project successes was previously recognised and acknowledged in the “Jo’s Cervical Cancer National Award” and the recent “NHS 70th Parliamentarian Award” due to VBMET exceptional outcomes on cervical screening uptake in Trafford.

Her passion is her work which allows her to grow but also to help others who usually slip through the net. Aliya when helping someone make the positive change in their life is rewarding whether that change is for health and wellbeing or empowering them in general. Voice of BMET has provided her a platform that has given her a purpose to work with complete dedication in the community.

Aliya is a firm believer of the saying ‘do what you love and love what you do’.  She constantly strive to better herself as a person by seeking to gain more knowledge and skills. Working with Voice of BMET has enabled her to be given various opportunities and achievements allowing her to excel towards her potential.

She represent BME communities on the Health and Wellbeing Board- Trafford in addition to various strategic forums, as a BME lead. She is a Dementia Champion, GM Cancer Champion and ‘Cancer Talk’ trainer.

Outside work Aliya likes to practice meditation and also likes to spend time with her family particularly enjoying making different recipes together, she balances this by working hard to discipline herself to do more exercise.