Leslie Bell

I have been a member of Voice BME-T for 10 years and its treasurer for 9 years. I have been part of a team of people who have overseen the developments, improvements and growth of the organisation.

Over the years we have successfully developed and delivered many projects and services. As the treasurer I have been responsible for managing and planning the finances of VBME-T so that we are able to continue delivering projects that are relevant to the Trafford and wider community and to continue to present the community at a strategic level.

Most of my working life has been community-based building, developing and delivering projects and schemes to improve community cohesion, environment, economy and build relationship. As a senior trade union activist, I have represented and negotiated at the highest-level workers’ rights, conditions and safety. I have been a voice for the community in encounters with local authority officials and elected representatives.

I continue my community activism through VBME-T, representing the Trafford BME community, reducing inequalities and building community cohesion through Voice BME – Trafford.