Mumba Kafula

Mumba Kafula works with VBMET on a sessional bases as a Project Facilitator/Trainer to the programmes undertaking. She believes her driving force is her passion for communities she has worked within for most of her life.  She is truly a people’s person and has a strong desire to continue to support the growth and development in our BME communities.

Mumba who resides in the borough of Trafford knows that one of the greatest challenges in Trafford is the impact of health and social inequalities. Her recent contribution to acquiring funded support from the lottery has created an opportunity for VBMET to help move the health agenda across Trafford forward and help contribute to Public Health England’s definition of health inequalities as unjust disparities in health outcomes between individuals or groups. They arise from differences in social and economic conditions. This Mumba takes pride in helping through VBMET to address.  Her work is an opportunity to make a difference, to be part of an engine for change and working with other partners together to make a difference.

Running her own training and coaching company for a number of years, being a highly experienced trainer with a wealth of knowledge and proven track record, a Manchester City Council Award Winner for work across Manchester, a qualified trainer and coach, a recent author of a published book written for women, she specialises in motivation, confidence building and helping people into employment and pre business start-ups.  As she puts it “Helping people to translate their thoughts into action!” 

She utilises her skill sets within her work to enhance her repertoire of services she can offer to the community. Being an experienced personal development and learning consultant with over 20 years in the sector with a background in design and delivery of bespoke workshops and accredited courses, delivered to a range of voluntary, private and the public sector services.

Her overall passion and purpose is to empower individuals to perform at a higher level within demanding and sometimes challenging situations both in personal and professional life, working towards building their skills, to empower others in the community to do just the same. 

Mumba believes she is working within a strong team in VBMET who bring together a plethora of diverse abilities and strengths to support the building of a community voice across Trafford.