Victor LoveLock

Victor Lovelock is Age 66 yrs. Old and Born in Manchester England and is currently a Health Mentor for VBMET.

He is a highly motivated person with a strong people interaction skill set.  He has a desire to help and put back into the community, and has been able to do so through the VBMET programmes. Moving forward with the help of working with a diverse team’s providing guidance and connections together we promote the BME services to the community.

His work background, started in engineering, and moved into sales where he trained and led, managed and motivated, sales teams. After that he worked in the hospitality industry as Guest Relations Manager for Thistle and Hilton hotels. Victor also previously managed a sports centre for Cannons Health Clubs. Other former areas of work include Stagecoach Buses as Driver Mentor for all new Drivers. Currently he works for Trafford Housing Trust as heart of House for Limelight Old Trafford.

He look forward to working with both internal and external partners with a view for training and advising future mentors, and reaching larger forums byway of media outlets and local community meetings promoting the 21st Agenda Health matters for VBMET across Trafford.