Portion Control

Top Tips on How to Manage Food Portion Sizes

(By Mark Beattie – 3rd year Nutritional Sciences student at MMU)

For many of us, the thought of ordering our favourite takeaway on a Friday night motivates us to get through the week. Well, if you’re anything like me! Do you ever find the portion sizes a bit of a challenge, but usually rise to that challenge and polish it all off anyway? I think we’ve all done it haven’t we. It isn’t just takeaway meals, but café and restaurant portions are sometimes a little oversized, and even a humble plate of homecooked curry with rice might be slightly on the stomach-stretching side. Consuming a large meal is okay every now and then, but if we regularly consume more energy and nutrients than we need, we are likely to gain weight which can increase our risk of getting those common diseases (e.g. type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer) that we’d all rather avoid.

So, how about some tips on controlling portion sizes and becoming a smarter eater?

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