Raising Awareness About Cancer, Stroke & Heart Diseases in the BME Communities of Trafford



This work was undertaken initially during the October 2012 to September 2013 period under our Health and Wellbeing Project. Funded by the Trafford Council Voluntary Sector Grant Fund,
it aimed to raise awareness of major health issues facing Asian and Caribbean communities in Trafford, to identify barriers faced by these sections of our communities, and to propose
solutions in order to reduce the inequality in health with respect to the general population. Complementary drop-ins sessions on activities were also carried out with funding from blueSCI.

When the initial work was completed, it was recognised that some further work was necessary to gain more qualitative information by reaching out to the diversity of the BME communities in
Trafford; hence the Quarter 5 activity was undertaken from our own resources. This work also adds to the Cancer Outreach work we carried out in 2011-2012 about cancer issues facing Asian
and Caribbean communities in Trafford.

Our report outlines:

  • Our aim and priorities for creating health and wellbeing awareness
  • The methodology selected for outreaching in the communities
  • Outcomes of the Project
  • Challenges that we faced
  • How we will respond to these challenges; our recommendations
  • Our current commitments for health and wellbeing in the community

The findings of this Report can be used as a working tool which highlights challenges faced by Health Service providers when it is essential to reduce inequalities facing BME communities in
accessing health services.

The following recommendations are made:

1 Health Professionals:
 Develop an accessible accountability system of GPs and other Health professionals to enable patients to lodge the complaints.
 Provide cultural and religious awareness courses for the health professionals about cultural issues and boundaries when dealing with BME communities.
 More BME health professionals.

2 Language:
 Up-to-date literature on health issues.
 Patients to have their medical and medication summary in cases of emergency.

3 BME Representatives:
 Information in different languages available in communities as well as GP surgeries.
 Community consultants and champions who are specifically trained.

4 Awareness and Training:
 BME-tailored care support and culturally appropriate support groups for giving impartial advice and advocacy.
 Culturally appropriate awareness training on signs, symptoms and examination for diagnosis.

5 BME Health Engagement Group:
 Develop the BME Health Engagement Group with a strong structure and wider engagement in the community.

To download the full report please click HERE

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Experience of Cancer Amongst Asian & African-Caribbean Communities in Trafford

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