Healthier and Happier Me

Healthier and
Happier Me

“With our tremendous support, you can start your journey of Healthier and Happier me”

(A Project aimed at North Trafford, funded by Integrated Care Board, NHS)

What is the aim of Healthier, Happier Me project?

Provision of the best possible support to people suffering with any of the Long-term Health Condition particularly in the area of Trafford, so that they can enjoy the healthy life-style by managing the LTC in a good-manner.

What is a Long-term condition?

Long-term health condition (LTC) can be defined as an illness that cannot be cured completely at present however through medication and certain therapies it can be controlled and managed well. About 15 million people in England are living with long-term conditions (The Patients Association Org UK).

What conditions come under Long-term condition (LTC)?

Following medical conditions are include in LTC:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Fatigue

Relationship between Long-term condition and Mental Health

People who suffer from long-term health conditions are likely to have a poor mental health at some point if not all the time. Majority of the studies suggest that people with LTC have a higher risk to suffer with stress, depression and anxiety; hence, they do need a constant mental support from their family, friends and environment.

Duration of the project
1 year

Which organizations are involved in delivery of the project?

There are lead as well as supporting organizations which are involved in the delivery of the project.

Lead organizations

  • Voice of BME
  • Trafford Community collective

Supporting/Partner organizations

  • Learn, Motivate, Change & Prosper (LMCP)
  • African Caribbean Care Group (ACCG)
  • Women Empowerment Trafford (WETA)
  • Voice of Black, and Ethnic Minority Trafford (VBMET)

Please see the leaflet for the individual and unique offers from all the partner organisations.

What we can offer to you?

  • Personalized life-style change plan
  • Regular health-checks
  • Cardiac, & pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Diabetes prevention programme
  • Physical activity
  • Nutritional information
  • Cookery groups
  • Mental resilience program
  • 1-2-1 Support by trained practitioner
  • Heart-Friendly club support group
  • Dash Diabetes Family cooking sessions
  • General advice & information on various topics

*You can choose according to your requirements*

Want to be a part of Healthier, Happier Me journey?

Are you having any of the long-term health condition or at the risk of developing one? Nothing to be worried about, we have got you covered in all possible aspects. All you need to do is to fill a “Referral form” and start your healing journey with us to become Healthier and Happier version of yourself.

What happens after the submission of Referral form?

As you will submit the ‘Referral form’, a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss everything regarding the information provided by you and according to your needs, you’ll be offered the most suitable options from which you can choose. Afterwards, we will share your details with our relevant partner organization which will take up your case and from this point onwards, your journey of becoming Healthier and Happier me will begin. It is important to highlight that nothing is being forced on you and everything will be done after taking your consent through the Referral form.
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