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Nasrullah Khan Moghal

Nasrullah Khan Moghal MBE B Sc (Eng) Hons C Eng MIGEM

Nasrullah Khan Moghal (known as Khan) is an engineer by profession. He is a graduate of the University of Manchester and holds a Diploma in Race & Community Relations from the University of Liverpool. He was educated in Kenya and Pakistan before graduating with an engineering degree at the University of Manchester. Having worked in the gas and computer industries for 25 years, he devoted his professional time to community relations as the Chief Executive Officer of Manchester Council for Community Relations, a position he held for 25 years.

He has been involved with the BME communities for a number of years in Trafford, and has represented them on the Trafford Partnership; he currently chairs the Voice of BME Trafford which was set up in 2007 to be an effective voice of the BME communities of Trafford in order to inform and influence decision-making bodies so that issues facing BME communities form an integral part of their service delivery strategies.

Khan plays a unique community representational role. He has articulated the needs of the disadvantaged residents of inner-city Manchester during this time as an elected member of Manchester City Council from 1986 till 1998, holding the portfolio of Equalities and Non-discrimination.

He took lead to introduce the Translation & Interpretation Service and the Link worker service in order to make council services accessible to all sections of Manchester’s residents, particularly Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

He sits on many bodies where he can exercise influence to ensure mainstream service providers respond to the needs of diverse communities with regard to race, faith, poverty and other areas of oppression. Championing education, he sits on the Governing Body of Burnage Academy for Boys; he is also one of the Trustees.

Khan works with many institutions and communities to promote community cohesion. His significant contributions are his work in helping to organise ADAM Day bringing people of faith and non-faith together to celebrate common humanity.

Khan’s professional work with large institutions is noteworthy. His work with Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police with specific reference to Race Equality Schemes and Action Plans has resulted in these institutions changing their policies and procedures to promote equality at all levels.

Through his wide-ranging work, Nasrullah Khan Moghal continues to help improve the quality of life of the residents of Manchester.  He was awarded the honour of MBE by Her Majesty the Queen in the New Year Honours List 2010.

Leslie Bell

I have been a member of Voice BME-T for 10 years and its treasurer for 9 years. I have been part of a team of people who have overseen the developments, improvements and growth of the organisation.

Over the years we have successfully developed and delivered many projects and services. As the treasurer, I have been responsible for managing and planning the finances of VBME-T so that we are able to continue delivering projects that are relevant to the Trafford and wider community and to continue to present the community at a strategic level.

Most of my working life has been community-based building, developing and delivering projects and schemes to improve community cohesion, environment, economy, and build relationships. As a senior trade union activist, I have represented and negotiated at the highest-level workers’ rights, conditions, and safety. I have been a voice for the community in encounters with local authority officials and elected representatives.

I continue my community activism through VBME-T, representing the Trafford BME community, reducing inequalities, and building community cohesion through Voice BME – Trafford.

Aliya Bukhari

Aliya is a Coordinator and BME Engagement Consultant at Voice of BME Trafford with vast experience and qualifications in project and event management. Holding a Master’s in Business Administration and a Post Grad. Cert. in Psychological Therapies from the University of Manchester, she specialises in the delivery of bespoke workshops on various topics to improve health & wellbeing including mental health in BME communities.

Her journey with Voice of BME has been very rewarding and provided her with opportunities to understand and engage with the community yet also to manage many successful projects commissioned by the Public Health and Clinical Commissioning Group Trafford. One of the project successes was previously recognised and acknowledged in the “Jo’s Cervical Cancer National Award” and the recent “NHS 70th Parliamentarian Award” due to VBMET’s exceptional outcomes on cervical screening uptake in Trafford.

Her passion is her work which allows her to grow but also to help others who usually slip through the net. Aliya when helping someone make the positive change in their life is rewarding whether that change is for health and wellbeing or empowering them in general. Voice of BMET has provided her a platform that has given her a purpose to work with complete dedication in the community.

Aliya is a firm believer in the saying ‘do what you love and love what you do’.  She constantly strives to better herself as a person by seeking to gain more knowledge and skills. Working with Voice of BMET has enabled her to be given various opportunities and achievements allowing her to excel towards her potential.

She represents BME communities on the Health and Wellbeing Board- Trafford in addition to various strategic forums, as a BME lead. She is a Dementia Champion, GM Cancer Champion, and ‘Cancer Talk’ trainer.

Outside work Aliya likes to practice meditation and also likes to spend time with her family particularly enjoying making different recipes together, she balances this by working hard to discipline herself to do more exercise.

Mumba Kafula

A valuable team member, contributed to Voice of BME Trafford till December 2022

Mumba Kafula works with VBMET on a sessional basis as a Project Facilitator/Trainer to the programmes undertaking. She believes her driving force is her passion for the communities she has worked within for most of her life.  She is truly a people person and has a strong desire to continue to support the growth and development of our BME communities.

Mumba who resides in the borough of Trafford knows that one of the greatest challenges in Trafford is the impact of health and social inequalities. Her recent contribution to acquiring funded support from the lottery has created an opportunity for VBMET to help move the health agenda across Trafford forward and help contribute to Public Health England’s definition of health inequalities as unjust disparities in health outcomes between individuals or groups. They arise from differences in social and economic conditions. This Mumba takes pride in helping through VBMET to address.  Her work is an opportunity to make a difference, to be part of an engine for change and to work with other partners together to make a difference.

Running her own training and coaching company for a number of years, being a highly experienced trainer with a wealth of knowledge and proven track record, a Manchester City Council Award Winner for work across Manchester, a qualified trainer and coach, a recent author of a published book written for women, she specialises in motivation, confidence-building and helping people into employment and pre-business start-ups.  As she puts it “Helping people to translate their thoughts into action!”

She utilises her skillsets within her work to enhance her repertoire of services she can offer to the community. Being an experienced personal development and learning consultant with over 20 years in the sector with a background in design and delivery of bespoke workshops and accredited courses, delivered to a range of voluntary, private, and public sector services.

Her overall passion and purpose is to empower individuals to perform at a higher level within demanding and sometimes challenging situations both in personal and professional life, working towards building their skills, to empower others in the community to do just the same.

Mumba believes she is working within a strong team in VBMET that bring together a plethora of diverse abilities and strengths to support the building of a community voice across Trafford.

Ama Okoro

Ama Okoro is a Wellbeing Coach and is the owner of Clarity Within, a consultancy. She is a qualified Master NLP Practitioner and is CBT trained.
Ama is a Health Mentor with VBMET and has been with the organisation since November 2017. Her work includes educating BME communities on different health and wellbeing awareness issues, signposting them to the necessary support required, hosting workshops for various activities for both the young and our elderly. Bringing an awareness of the need for health checks and different screenings.

Mark Beattie

‘Mark Beattie creates health and wellbeing content for the VBMET website and has been with the organisation nearly a year now since October 2020.  He is a 2021 graduate of Nutritional Sciences from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition (AfN). His work includes writing blogs on a range of health topics such as, healthy eating on a budget, basic understanding on nutrition, and the importance of physical activity. He has also published a podcast on how diet and lifestyle can impact mental wellbeing.’ and will be developing more podcasts in particular covering topics linked to supporting men’s health.

Aswini UdhayaKumar

Aswini Udhaya Kumar is a Software Engineer by profession. She has completed Bachelors of Engineering specialised in Computer Science from Anna University, India. Aswini has industry exposure with Telecommunications, Financial Services sector and Non-Profit Organisations.
She is the Web Architect for VBMET and has been associated with us for the past 8 years. Aswini is our techinical consultant in implementing new technologies across platforms and is also responsible for maintaining the website and its content.
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