BME Health

Health inequalities is a priority within BME communities in the North area of Trafford. The VBMET focuses on adult residents men and Women, from local groups and organisations from the BME communities in Trafford.

Facts :

  • The North area has one of the lowest average life expectancy rates within the borough and that ‘the area has higher than the Trafford average death rates for cancer, liver disease, respiratory disease and heart disease.’
  • Men from the most deprived areas have over ten years shorter life expectancy than men from the least deprived areas, while women from the most deprived areas live over six years less that those from the least deprived areas.
  • JSNA(Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) highlights the need to improve awareness about these diseases in order to promote the seeking of early medical assistance in the most deprived areas and amongst the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and African-Caribbean communities.
  • South Asian men are more likely to develop CHD at a younger age, and have higher rates of myocardial infarction, (heart attack). Black people have the highest stroke mortality rates’.
  • Trafford Partnership Neighbourhood event identified health inequalities as among the top priorities in the north as well as the need for a health and wellbeing hub.

Organisations we have supported

  • Trafford Muslim Luncheon Group
  • African Caribbean Care Group
  • Over 50’s African Caribbean Group
  • Youth Clubs & Projects eg;SeymourPark Youth Club & TUFF-C
  • ACE – Asian Women’s Group
  • Union Street Media Arts Company
  • West Indian Sports & Social Club
  • JamaicaSociety
  • Local Mosques, Churches and other places of worship

The Project will promote and encourage wider engagement, early intervention and the seeking of early diagnosis as well as preventative remedies and lifestyle modifications via its BME Engagement health group.

BME Engagement Health Group

The group addresses the black and minority ethnic residents at risk of, or with, heart disease, stroke and cancer to facilitate the formation of associated health Support & Advisory and Self-Help Groups in the future.

This Group will provide health information at meetings, create a space for attendees to share experiences and gain support from others in similar situation as themselves, and facilitate opportunities for people to meet with health professionals.  Speakers would also be invited to meetings to raise awareness of heart disease, stroke and cancer services, and the causes, signs, symptoms and prevention.

Health Information

Other Resources

Detect Cancer Early – This ‘South Asian Cancer Awareness Campaign’ website contains videos and printed materials on cancer and its risk factors.