Projects 2017 – 18

‘MINDWELL’ Project:

The project ‘Mind-well’ was based on identifying people in the community willing to be trained as Mental Health Champions with the support of Blusci. These champions were trained to offer mentoring and promoting therapeutic interventions where needed, in addition to their support for running wellbeing sessions as part of community engagement aimed at improving stress management and self-esteem. Two cohort of sessions were delivered. These sessions helped to develop community cohesion and across culture friendship.

MAPLE Project:

Voice of BME joined the MAPLE partnership in March 2017 to work on Public Health priorities. MAPLE partnership is commissioned by Public Health Trafford and comprises of 9 partner organisations working on ‘prevention and early intervention agenda and has been overseen by lead partner, Age UK Trafford. VBMET has been contributing to Public Health’s priorities by promoting NHS Health screenings and health checks.
  • Two of our Cancer ambassadors’ interviews were featured in the GM Cancer Champions booklet to showcase VBMET’s contribution to the NHS Health screening awareness.
  • By the end of March 2018 VBMET booked 285 health screenings & health checks.
  • This Project’s Model is adopted by other health organisations/Charities such as Beating Bowel Cancer and Cancer Research UK and they are training their Volunteers as Non-Medical cancer champions to work with Medical practices on health screenings to replicate this into other areas of GM.
  • Voice of BME has been awarded the Parliamentarian Certificate on NHS 70th Birthday for the contribution to increase the uptake of screening in the Borough. This Certificate was presented by MP, Kate Green.

‘Be bold to cook 2’- Cooking with kids:

From the success of last years ‘Be bold to Cook’ it was decided to deliver the cooking sessions again in the summer holidays, to introduce healthy alternatives and cooking methods to the diets of BME young adults and children. These workshops helped them to be more informed and focused about healthy eating habits just from the beginning.

This project was funded by ‘Safer Grant Trafford partnership’ to run cooking lessons aimed at BME kids in the summer holidays. Kids got the opportunity to prepare healthy, easy to make dishes and also learnt nutritional values from the nutritionist. These sessions also provide community cohesion in the community and promoted culture awareness amongst the kids.