VBMET 21st Agenda Overview

21st Agenda Lottery Community Fund Programme :

Our “Wellbeing Programme ” will tackle poor nutrition among BAME communities by promoting awareness We have a team of staff committed to the health agenda of Trafford. Including qualified community nutritionists and trainers whom provide educational healthy cooking events and training programme’s leading to accredited training courses in partnership with our local Trafford College.

We also offer 1-2-1 health mentoring support focused on the NHS 5 ways of well-being, as we heighten awareness in these areas for BAME community in Trafford.

  • Mental capacity and healthy promotion
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Resilience to change and staying motivated
  • Health in dietary intake and nutrition
  • Improved health confidence and self-esteem

“BAME Health Awareness” will actively engage with the community to create awareness raising on issues related to Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other known conditions that impact our community adversely. Providing knowledge on health in our “drop in” sessions and our 1-2-1- male and female Health Mentor who can support on an individual basis.

VBMET has developed an excellent track record of contributing to interventions aimed at engagement, prevention and support. We hold workshops throughout the year and will invite key health practitioner as our special guest speakers. All our programmes continue to support NHS health screening checks.

“End of Year celebration” will be an opportunity to share and report back on the years projects and events where we will be holding our VBMET 21st Agenda Health Seminar. Watch this space for ongoing and further updates.

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