Saving Lives and Better Living

oice of BME-Trafford has been commissioned by Trafford Council and Public Health Trafford to continue the pioneering work of saving people’s life by medical practice intervention, that is, promoting NHS Health Screenings in the community. This project is from March 2020 to March 2023.

With the project ‘Saving Lives & Better living’ we will be increasing the uptake of NHS Health screening in the Trafford Borough with special emphasis on Breast and Bowel screening in the Borough. This will be achieved by increasing the awareness in the community by using different mechanisms and primarily working with BME communities:

  • Supporting the medical practices to improve their NHS screening by providing 1 to 1 support to the patients via phone conversations to book them for screening

  • Screening awareness drop-ins will be held frequently at the medical practices 

  • ‘Wellbeing Health Club’ will be formed to deliver  wellbeing workshops primarily aimed at BME communities of Trafford  in order to promote lifestyle changes

  • Local people/  students  will be recruited to be GM Cancer champions. 

 A 10 minutes stage drama/ performance will be created to showcase the importance of screening. This will be showcased at community events. (A collaborative work with ‘The Theatre of Sense’) 

 VBMET would like to work closely with ‘Trafford Leisure Centre’ and ‘Empower You’ to support people with the  lifestyle changes and increase their physical activities.

 The project will be delivered in the areas  identified as deprived areas and where health inequalities are greater- Old Trafford, some areas of Stretford and Partington.